The best restaurants

Our selection at Bastille and  near Gare de Lyon

Do et Riz

The little Bastille Vietnamese restaurant like a  canteen… but 20 times better

Do et Riz is a Vietnamese « gem » as François Simon, a famous food critic puts it, and he is the one to rule everything concerning food in Paris!

But beware, it looks more like a mini canteen than a proper Vietnamese restaurant !

Just a few tables, 4 seats at the bar (the best ones) overlooking the woks… and bim bo bun !

Here comes the Bo Bun still steaming, nems are made daily, on the spot and handmade (therefore they do taste like nems, which is extremely rare in Paris), veal is candied with caramel, rice noodles roasted with fresh vegetables accompanied with crispy shrimps…all is simple, savoury, fresh and tasty in the very best Vietnamese restaurant in Bastille area.

Vietnamese Canteen at soft price: 15€50 lunch menu , 20 to 25€ for dinner

Reservation recommended

Do et Riz
39 rue de Cotte – Paris 12

01 43 45 57 13
lunch time: 12h00-14h30
dinner time: 19h-22h30
Closed on Sundays

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Do et Riz