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Our selection at Bastille and  near Gare de Lyon

La Boucherie Végétarienne

Super quality quick veggie burgers

The small vegetarian butcher’s shop, place d’Aligre opposite Aligre Market, is almost the only vegetarian restaurant in the Bastille  / marché d’Aligre district, and one of the best anyway.

It’s the story of the two founders Isabelle and Philippe who decided all of a sudden not to eat meat any longer. That’s why they started to look for the best replacements…and that’s how the vegetarian restaurant or rather vegetarian fastfood restaurant (it’s mainly takeaway food) was created.

This gives rise to a long list of veggie burgers like the « grilled » one, the « façon poulet » (chicken way), the « escalope panée » (breaded cutlet), the « lentilles » (lentils), the « vegan haricots » (beans)…for 7€90, as well as  wraps: « boulette » (meatballs), « falafel », « émincé » (shredded) ou « crousti » (crispy)…6€90),  nuggets, takeaway menus…and plenty more that you can order for cooking at home (saussages, meatballs « effet bœuf »…).

For dessert, just pop into Boulangerie BO 85 bis rue de Charenton (5mn walk) and you’ll have an outstanding  choice of pastries, most of them being gluten free and often made from an exceptional  cocoa.

La Boucherie Végétarienne
15, rue d’Aligre – Paris 12

11h-19h Tuesdays to Thursdays
11h-20h Fridays and Saturdays
11h-14h30 Sundays