Meals at l’Epicerie Bastille

Have a good meal, choose between 3 options :

At the restaurant

The first option is to go out to the restaurant. Paris is an incredible place for the variety and quality of its restaurants, especially around Marché d’Aligre and in the Nouveau Bastille district which is no more than 5 minutes walk from rue Parrot and Gare de Lyon. Discover the best restaurants Bastille Gare de Lyon.

Room service

Second option : you have a nice meal delivered in your room. A lot of restaurants in Paris have a delivery service and with our partner Resto In, you are sure to have your meal delivered in less than an hour. Have your meal delivered in your room, go to Room service.

Make it yourself!

Third option, you go to the Delicatessen next door : l’Epicerie Fine Gourmet Gourmand or to Aligre Market which is very close: you’ll find a lot of ultra fresh products and food shops …take advantage of it! In the minibar, drinks are free and your room is equipped with lounge/dining room corner, a fridge and a microwave.

Dining out in Paris close to Bastille and Gare de Lyon:


Cheese platter, tapas and  cold cuts from the delicatessen, next door :

Gourmet Gourmand

The  good French restaurant  of the Nouveau Bastille district:

Cotte Roti

The traditional French restaurant with the most beautiful decor of Paris inside Gare de Lyon :

Le Train Bleu

A genuine Chinese restaurant run by a real young chef who cooks only home-made dishes:

Shan Goût

A cosy atmosphere, une decor and  small dishes to die for, it’s our favourite :

le Square Trousseau

One of the best meat restaurants in Paris :

Les Provinces

A fish bistro at Place d’Aligre :

La Table d’Aligre

The organic restaurant Paris (snacks and burgers veggie…) at the Marché d’Aligre :

la Boucherie Végétarienne

The little Vietnamese restaurant Bastille, like a canteen, but 20 times better:

Do et Riz