Breakfasts at l’Epicerie

Breakfasts at l’Epicerie Bastille Gare de Lyon

Better than in any boutique hotel because the Paris Boutik concept is to focus on your freedom of movement, to put yourself in shoes of a native and make life as easy as possible for you. Therefore here are 3 suggestions for breakfast at Bastille Gare de Lyon :

Our favorite : Breakfast round the corner

Meet the native people 5 minutes walk away, for the best fresh-squeezed orange juice in the area, a strong expresso, a warm croissant … and daily breakfast or brunch formulas at…le Square Trousseau.

Option 2 : Self made breakfast !

A typical French bakery next to ParisBoutik Bastille Gare de Lyon…Read more

Option 3 : Lazy you !

From 8h30 onwards, breakfast can be served by our partner Paris Breakfast ; you will have a choice of ultra fresh products like hot coffee, fresh croissants and morning freshly squeezed orange juice…Discover

We love the n°1 option : at the local dive!


Our favourite, Bastille Gare de Lyon breakfast at Square Trousseau.

As if in any hotel you just walk to the bar…except that this one is Le Square Trousseau, a typical, historical friendly Paris bar where regular customers having their morning coffee and croissant actually live something daily… just within 5 minutes walking distance open 7/7 from 8 a.m.

Just pop in there as you are : unshaved, anwashed or in a tuxedo, wearing a jogging suit or flip-flops, whatever your look is, remember you are in Paris Bastille gare de Lyon and nobody will notice.

The freshly squeezed orange juice is the best in the Bastille Gare de Lyon area, croissants are excellent, coffee is strong as it should be, fruit salads are fresh and exotic (raspberries, mango, stawberries, blueberries), and daily breakfast formulas (15 €) or brunch (24€) are highly successful.

Daily Breakfast Formula 15€
(hot drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, buns and croissants with butter and jam, fruit salad)

Daily Brunch Formula 24€
(quite rich: hot drink, sqeezed orange, croissants and buns with butter and jam,  fruit salad , roasted potatoes with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, or bacon and eggs)

Le Square Trousseau
1 rue Antoine Vollon – Paris 12

01 43 43 06 00
open 8 a.m. to  2 .a.m. daily

Option 2 : Self made breakfast!


Make breakfast just like home

The right way to take the temperature of the city and get a good start ?

Go to Boulangerie Ménier, the best baker’s shop in the area and get a baguette, croissants, warm « pains au chocolat » as well as squeezed orange juice or hot drinks that can also be bought at the bakery…

A real breakfast from Paris ready in 7 minutes, tops…and a delicious bakery open as early as 7 a.m. everyday.

Above all do as Parisians do : go out as you are, hair curlers and moustaches widely tolerated !

Boulangerie Ménier
30 bd Diderot – Paris 12
09 51 84 14 98
Mondays to Saturdays
6h30 to 20h30
7h to 20h

Option 3 : Lazy you!


Have breakfast served in your room

Several brunch or breakfast formulas can be served at ParisBoutik rue Parrot by our partner Paris Breakfast starting at 8.30 a.m.

Croissants and pastries of the day are really good and, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee is still hot on delivery…it’s actually a choice in favor of quality.

Online Paypal payment or cash on delivery formulas start at 15€.

It is highly recommended to order via internet the day before.

It’s very simple to order : go to the website

Choose the formula you want in the« Menus » column, add an extra dish if you like (croissants , pastries, fruit salad…).

Enter your name, email, telephone number, our address and specify at what time  you want to be served.

Do not forget your telephone number, the delivery man may be 5 minutes early !

Our address as a reminder

L’Epicerie Paris Boutik, 12 rue Parrot, 75012 Paris

Please note down : groundfloor + your mobile phone number + the exact time you want your breakfast to be delivered.

The formulas have been tested and approved, they are delicious, the delivery man is cheerful…and even wears patent leather shoes sometimes !