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Shan Gout

Shan Gout, the Chinese restaurant Paris of a young Grand Chef committed to home cooking

Look out the place is happening !

You can see it from the street, the sky-blue window of the Chinese restaurant Shan Goût is so personal and genuinely Chinese, on the model of Chef Shan Yi who settled here in the late 2000s.

But  Shan Gout is in no way like other Chinese restaurants in Paris:

At Shan Gout, no big dishes to share, nor nems made upstairs with frozen products, no, it’s definitely not the Peking duck business as in the 13th district of Paris, you are at a unique independent restaurant owner’s, a true artisan of taste, advocating simple authentic flavors in a canteen-like dining room.

Shan Gout, is a Chinese cuisine from a Grand Chef with menus served in a plate the French way: 25€ for lunch with starter /main course /dessert, 35€ for the gourmet menu 4 dishes + dessert , plus appetizer. Shan Gout, is the « it » Chinese restaurant adapted to local style…but above all a home made, natural 100% fresh cuisine. The canteen is friendly,  service not always perfect…but nevermind, it’s not the Mandarin Oriental and prices are lower: you’ve got quality and taste in your plate!

When you savor « flan aux petites crevettes séchées et à la ciboulette »(dried shrimp flan with chive)
« chou chinois sauté, piment fermenté, vinaigre de riz et fleur de sel » (fried chinese cabbage , fermented pepper, rice vinegar and fleur de sel)
« seiche légèrement grillée à l’ail et au cumin » (slightly grilled squid with garlic and cumin)
« dorade royale en sauce « cuite rouge » et pain vapeur »
To end with mango sticky rice  and osmanthe flower…
When you watch the chinese Chef cook all this in front of you, for 20 guests, and only  35€ each…

You obviously travel far away and tell yourself that life is beautiful !

Shan Gout is a  Chef canteen with a unique style and one of the best Chinese restaurants Paris.

Reservation highly recommended.

Shan Gout restaurant chinois
22, rue Hector Malot – Paris 12

06 18 83 36 66
Open every day 11h30 – 15h and 19h – 22h30

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