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Our selection at Bastille and  near Gare de Lyon

Le Train Bleu

Gare de Lyon best restaurant, a beautiful listed decor, a French traditional restaurant :

Le Train Bleu inherited its name from the famous Paris Vintimille train. It is located inside Gare de Lyon on the first floor and is actually one of the most beautiful decor in Paris. You could never find such a place in a Paris boutique hotel.

As soon as you get in the restaurant, you should look up and admire the outstanding 41 mural paintings dating from the 1900s showing the railway destinations : PLM (Paris, Lyon , Marseille), all starting from Gare de Lyon, such as Monaco, Orange, Nice, or the Mont-Blanc Massif. Le Train Bleu is just like a museum with its beautiful decor listed as historic monument.

The menu at the Train Bleu restaurant is no exception, you will enjoy French traditional dishes : as a starter, you should definitely try the Scottish smoked salmon or home -made foie gras (30€), and for main course roast lamb / “au gratin” potatoes with Fourme d’Ambert (39€) the whole piece of meat coming on a rolling cart and being sliced in front of you.

A restaurant with a fine decor, a traditional French restaurant « par excellence », which is undoubtedly  more expensive : from 70 to 100 € per person, to have the privilege of sitting at table in such a place, but you will spend a delightful time out of time…a fantastic invitation to travel !

Reservation recommended

Restaurant Le Train Bleu
01 43 43 09 06

1, rue de Cotte – Paris 12
Open everyday 7.30 a.m. to 22.00