Room Service

Room Service :
Meals delivered in your room

Dozens of dishes from various restaurants are delivered every day between 11.30 and 23.30 in less than an hour by our partner Resto In, a branch of the La Poste Group.

Meal delivery is just like being served in a hotel except that with Paris Boutik… you have a real choice!

No more than 5 minutes to order  :


1/ Four restaurants open 7/7 close to Paris Boutik have been selected for you, free delivery :

  • Les Minimes, Salads and Brasserie cuisine
  • King Marcel, Gourmet Burgers the French way elaborated with fresh products
  • César Saint Germain, the “it” Italian of the Latin Quarter, pasta and pizza
  • Sushi Shop, quality sushis and sashimis rock and roll version

2/ go to site

  1. Enter the delivery address, i.e.« 12 rue Caffarelli Paris », ground floor
  2. All the gastronomic choices are presented, just choose what you like or type the name of a restaurant among the selected ones in the search bar , for example : « les Minimes », « King Marcel » or only « Sushi »…
  3. Fill your basket with the dishes you want to order
  4. Create an account by simply giving your First Name, Name, email, tel, password, …then pay by credit card
  5. 30 to 45 minutes later, you’ve got it !