A family suite for 4 in the heart of Paris

A family suite worthy of a luxury hotel in the Marais district, Paris

Bedding for 3 to 5 people with 2 double beds

Accomodation for a whole family in a hotel in the center of Paris is never an easy thing. Instead of paying for 2 hotel rooms as big as 11 to 18m2 in the Marais district, even if they are adjoining, our 45m2 suite has been specifically designed  for a family of 3 to 5 people by  qualified architects.

You have to tell us when booking the room how many people will be staying so that the second double bed can be made.

For younger children, a baby folding bed can be made next to the parents’ bed or beside the second double bed.

A curtain separating the parents’ bed from the other bed will  be drawn.

The bathroom has a bath for younger children.

You will find dozens of books on the shelves as well as a shelf for children, both are for reading on the spot.

The Square du Temple, 30 meters away from the  family Suite, is where families and nannies from Paris meet : it’s a beautiful public park with play areas for younger children under the supervision of their parents…and there are even public ping pong tables !

The family room has been specifically designed to block out sound nuisance from outside : the window looking out on the street is a strengthened double-glazing window, walls and ceiling are covered in 15cm isolation and the entrance door is well padded… everything has been made to enjoy being in Rue Caffarelli, a quiet street yet so close to the lively busy places of the Marais district.


The romantic hotel room par excellence

Paris for lovers : discover our chambre d’hôtel romantique dans le Marais, just for the two of you !