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« the most Instagrammable hotel suites in Paris » – TimeOut

You’re done with the hostel life, hotels are too same-same and Airbnbs are often rather differentwhen you turn up… so, what else is there? Well, Paris Boutik has created something that’s bang in between the two…


« A good way to experience the spirit of Paris » – Airfrance Magazine

In 2016, David Lécuiller (formerly of L’Oréal) and his associates had the idea of taking over Paris boutiques that had closed and transforming them into suites with services. In this one, the shop window on…


« Reading in bed » – Airfrance Magazine

Some dream of spending the night in a toy shop or a patisserie. Here in this 45 m2 hotel suite in a former bookstore…

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(Spanish) ¿dormir en una librería o en una tienda de comestibles? – Conde Nast Traveller

Esto no es un hotel al uso, ni tampoco una casa en alquiler. Paris Boutik son dos habitaciones de lujo separadas por más de dos kilómentros de distancia y, cada una de ellas, ubicada en un barrio con encanto.


« Discovering Paris Boutik »

As someone who travels frequently, I love submerging myself into the culture and living like a local, even if it is only for a few da…


« Giveaway : stay in marais at Paris Boutik »

Hands down the Marais is one of my favorite areas to wander around, from the Musee Carnavalet, Place des Vosges, Cafe Charlot, Fragme…


« Felt immediately like an upgraded version of home! »

The first thing that struck my eye when I looked at the hotel was the incredible interior that is furnished with shelves of books that re…


« Can you imagine the perfect accommodation in Paris? »

I will show you my definition of an unforgettable and unique hotel experience…


« Sleepover in a Paris Bookshop »

Bookworms, library lovers and Parisphiles gather round. In the heart of the city, behind the facade of an old bookshop in the Marais, a secret awaits…


This is not just your standard room in any hotel

The Paris Boutik Librairie (Library in English and translation is bookshop) couldn’t be better positioned right in front of the entrance of Le Marche des Enfants Rouges, which is a market that offers a range of outdoor eateries. With its 45sqm, it has the size of a Parisian…


(Portugese) « A ‘livraria’ francesa onde você pode, literalmente, passar a noite »

Chamado, sem surpresas, de La Librarie, o local faz parte de um projeto chamado Paris Boutik, que tem como objetivo transformar antigos pontos comerciais…


(Portugese) « Paris Boutik cria suíte temática baseada na cultura literária da França »

Os apaixonados por literatura já possuem um hotel boutique exclusivamente dedicado a eles. O Paris Boutik, aberto há pouco mais de um ano, criou a suíte La Librairie, acomodação que tem estantes com …


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